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app reboot

Reboot Factory

The goal of this workshop was to create an application that answer to a daily work life issue. We tried to make "Hey" an original app, fluent & over all useful.

VR glasses


The goal of this work was to design & develop a website about classes of Stéphane Vial, a french teacher and psychologist talking about human relationship with the technology evolution.

paper Abril text

Had two fonts

I had for this work to think a landing page and then develop it for a Google or Typekit font of my choice. There is here the Abril font family landing page.


Who Am I ?

I am a front end developer based in Gorcy, France. I worked hard to become a great developer and a great person and then create the best possible user experiences.

I am currently looking for a job, if you feel interested, feel free to send me a message !

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