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School work

Frontend development

The goal of this workshop was to create an application that answers to a daily work life issue. This app had to be original, fluent & over all useful. We also had to create the landing page corresponding to this application.

landing page reboot

Frontend development

Once the visuals were finished, we had to develop it, of course. The first step was to create the structure of the app: create navigations, all parameters and over all create the feed with basic animations and transitions.

Sign in & sign up form

We decided to put in this application a little register form to loyalty users and then create an account. It’s only to make sure that each user can be recognize by other users. We also add Facebook and Google+ buttons to make the register experience shorter to don’t weary users.

Create a swipe to accept or ignore tasks

To make the experience more interactive and more intuitive for users, we highlight swipe functions like accepting and ignoring tasks or dismiss groups.

We really wanted to make the interface easy to use for users. We also wanted to make the application fast to use, less than 1 minute to do what we have to do.